Jean-Marc Fournier



Ministre responsable des Relations canadiennes et de la Francophonie canadienne et Leader parlementaire du gouvernement

Married with a family, Jean-Marc Fournier is a lawyer with a master's degree in public law. He was elected Member of National Assembly for the riding of Saint-Laurent on September 13, 2010, and has held that position since.

After filling diverse roles in the offices of various ministers under Robert Bourassa's government, Jean-Marc Fournier was MNA for Châteauguay from 1994 to 2008. Beginning in 2003, he was successively Minister of Municipal Affairs, Sports and Recreation, Minister of Education, Sports and Recreation, Minister of Revenue, and Government House Leader. In 2008, Mr. Fournier took a break from public life and returned to work in the private sector.  Then in the fall of 2009, he became special advisor to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, a role he filled pending his return to provincial politics in August 2010 when Premier Jean Charest named him Minister of Justice. He then went on to win the September 13th 2010 by-election in the riding of Saint‑Laurent. Jean-Marc Fournier has also served as Minister responsible for Reform of Democratic Institutions and Access to Information from August 2010 until February 2011 and he was Government House Leader from September 20th until the beginning of the election campaign in August 2012.   

Mr. Fournier also served as Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party between the departure of Jean Charest on September 12, 2012, and Mr. Philippe Couillard’s election to that position on March 17, 2013. He then remained Chief of the Opposition in the National Assembly until Mr. Couillard was sworn in on December 18, 2013. He was reelected on April 7, 2013.

With the objective of serving the citizens of Saint-Laurent with the same vigour, devotion and passion that have always driven him, Jean-Marc Fournier is soliciting a new mandate as Member of National Assembly for Saint-Laurent.