Jean Rousselle



Adjoint parlementaire du ministre de la Sécurité publique

A man of conviction, Jean Rousselle is widely recognized for a deep commitment to his community and for his exemplary dedication to humanitarian missions.   

Over the past 29 years, he has worked as a police officer in the city of Laval and has served as Vice-President of the Laval Police Brotherhood for more than two decades. His expertise is recognized internationally and he acted as project team leader for the United Nations with a mandate to develop police stations throughout Haiti.

Jean Rousselle was first elected as the Member of National Assembly for the Vimont Riding at the general elections on September 4, 2012. He was reelected on the 7th of April 2014.

Jean Rousselle has been a resident of Vimont since the age of eight and has left a solid mark in his community. He is known particularly for his role in local organizations such as that of volunteer with Loisirs St. Bruno and of member of the Board of Directors of the Service bénévole d’entraide Vimont-Auteuil. An experienced manager, he was appointed President of the Laval Credit Union employees organization, a position he held for several years.  He also created and directed the Laval Police Brotherhood Spaghetti Fundraiser for 20 years.  Between 1985 and 2005, this raised more than $800,000 for the Canadian Kidney Foundation, of which he was president for three years.  He has also been actively involved with the Canadian Organ Donors Association among other charities.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the community, Jean Rousselle has received several honors including the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal; the United Nations Mission to Stabilize Haiti Medal; the Governor General's Medal for Exemplary Service; the Founder's Award of the Canadian Kidney Foundation. and the Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond and Jubilee Medal for outstanding contributions to Canada.