Karine Vallières



Adjointe parlementaire du premier ministre pour le volet jeunesse

Member of National Assembly since general elections of 2012, Karine Vallières is the mother of two young girls. She was reelected in April 2014.

Before her election, she seated on many boards. As a communications specialist, she contributed to the development strategies of nationally renowned companies such as Cascades and Métallurie Magnola. She also worked as coordinator for Minçavi until 2007.  Most recently she took part in the administrative support of the Caisse Desjardins des Métaux Blancs board.

Elected on September 12th 2012, Ms. Vallières is a young reeky that quickly knew how to make her place in the Quebec liberal Party during her first term. Authorized spokesperson of the Official Opposition for anti-poverty efforts, she is also a member of the Committee on Transportation and the Environnement; a member of the Quebec sector of the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie (APF); a member of the Quebec sector of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association  (APC); a member of the Quebec sector of the Parliamentary confederation of the Americas (COPA); and a member of the Quebec sector of the Legislative assembly of New Brunswick (APNBQ)

Ms. Vallières is a very active and loyal volunteer.

Karine Vallières offers her Richmond county citizens a strong concern for their well-being, sound  judgement, an ability to work with a team to reach specific goals, a vision of developpement and a high level of diplomacy. May it be in the economic development sectors, education, leisure, community, agriculture or health, Karine Vallières is able to demonstrate her support for individuals, businesses, community organisations and event towns. People often say of her to be a person who is always present, who listens and who is well aware of the municipal stakes. Also she is very active with social networking, allowing people to know what she is working on and follow her endeavours.