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Dominique Anglade

An authentic leader.


Born in Montreal to Haitian parents, I am married and have three children. I graduated from École Polytechnique (1996) and the HEC – Montréal (2003).
I began my career at Procter & Gamble and two years later, at age 24, was promoted to department head and managed over a hundred employees. From 2000 to 2004, I worked at Nortel Networks before joining McKinsey & Company in 2005, where I became specialized in the transformation of major organizations. In 2013, I became PDG of Montréal International, an organization which, among others, is responsible for attracting foreign investments to the metropolis.
I was also a member of the board of directors for over a dozen organizations, including Centraide and Fondation KANPE, for which I was also a founding member.
I was elected for the first time on November 9, 2015, in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne. My functions have included Vice-Premier, Minister of Economy, Science and Education and Minister Responsible for the Digital Strategy. Today I am the Official Opposition Critic for Economy.

“Our party is in the best position to make Quebec a modern society where each person is able to reach their full potential, regardless of our differences.”


Ce matin, j’ai dévoilé avec excitation, que je partais en tournée estivale à travers la province dans le but de saisir les enjeux qui touchent directement toutes nos régions du Québec. Cette tournée sera pour moi l’occasion d’être à votre écoute et de constater sur place ce qui se vit quotidiennement à travers notre territoire, de participer aux idées innovantes qui vous caractérisent et surtout, d’être à vos côtés pour comprendre vos aspirations et vos projets d’avenir. J’ai également annoncé que je comptais, dès le déclenchement de la course à la chefferie du Parti libéral du Québec, être sur la ligne de départ en tant que candidate au poste de cheffe du plus grand parti de l’histoire québécoise.Je veux agir pour vous et avec vous. Pour que les succès de l’un soient les succès de tous.#Dominique2020

Posted by Dominique Anglade on Thursday, June 27, 2019

The QLP I Want for Quebec


I have the profound belief that Quebec can go further and I know that it can be done in a modern economy where economic development goes hand in hand with social and sustainable development. I believe in a Quebec that is proud, ambitious and meets the future head on, leaving no one behind. In order to unite those looking for that exciting driving force that will make Quebec into a modern society that reflects their vision, the Quebec Liberal Party’s renewal must prove audacious, as it has in the past, putting the voices and hearts of its supporters at the very forefront.

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