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Better support and more respite for people with disabilities and their families

D9 – To increase financial support for children with disabilities and their families and better assist them in their daily activities, Philippe Couillard, Leader of the QLP, has made five concrete promises that will make life easier for families.  In a second term, a QLP government will provide:

More support for people with disabilities

  • 10,000 more children with disabilities will be supported by an intermediary financial assistance program.
  • Children with disabilities who are unable to work will receive a basic income from the age of 18.

More respite services for families living with a person with a disability

  • Families living with a person with a disability will have access to 1,000 additional spots in day centres.
  • They will have access to 2,000 additional respite care spots created in collaboration with the entire network, in all regions of Québec.
  • 1,800 families waiting for assistance will benefit from the family support program, and all eligible families will receive nearly $300 more per year.

In the end, this commitment represents additional investments of $70 million per year to make life easier for people with disabilities and their families.

I support this commitment

I support this commitment

Making life easier for Quebecers also means giving families in particular situations assistance that is adapted to their reality. Today, we want to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families. We have to better support families in their daily lives, both financially and by providing various forms of respite. Through the measures announced today, we also hope to facilitate the transition to adult life, whether by developing daytime activities or by establishing a basic income.


Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec and Leader of the QuebecLiberal Party