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Free or low cost parking in our health care institutions

The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Mr. Philippe Couillard, will significantly decrease the parking fees at health and social services establishments to better support patients and their loved ones.

In a second QLP government mandate:

  • Parking will be free for people visiting seniors living in long-term health care facilities;
  • Parking will be free for patients with chronic diseases or requiring regular treatments, for example those needing hemodialysis;
  • The first two hours of hospital parking will be free;
  • Hospital parking fees will be limited to $7 per day. For hospitals where the fee is currently less than $7, the fee will not be increased.

This commitment represents a $100M investment to make life easier for Quebec’s families. This commitment falls within other previously announced commitments made by the QLP that have the same goal, among which are: providing a second Medicare card for children under the age of 14, creating 25 super clinics and deploying telemedicine.

I support this commitment

I support this commitment

Thanks to the leeway that we have freed up, we can take additional action to support patients, seniors and their loved ones. We will meet the needs expressed by the population. We want to make life easier for patients who sometimes have to spend large amounts of money to get treatment. We also want to facilitate and encourage visits from the families and loved ones of patients and those living in long-term health care facilities.


Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party