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Innovating to prosper in the new economy

D33 – The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Philippe Couillard, wants to stimulate the economy and allow businesses from all of our regions to seize all opportunities they are given. Thus, over the course of a second mandate, a Liberal government will undertake six measures to encourage our Quebec businesses to stand out and prosper.
To consolidate Quebec’s position among the leaders in artificial intelligence and continue our objective of creating the most important North American artificial intelligence ecosystem right here in Quebec:

  • Increase the budget envelope dedicated to developing the artificial intelligence ecosystem from $80M to $100M;
  • Facilitate access to open data, first for the research sector and then for start-ups and innovative businesses;
  • Ensure that our artificial intelligence leadership benefits our regions and their economic development by investing $20M for the creation of sector-based Excellence Research Chairs on artificial intelligence applications in certain cutting-edge sectors.

To encourage innovation and offer our businesses the flexibility to defy traditional models.

  • Allow start-ups and innovative businesses to rely on regulatory sandboxes to test new products and services, or new business models.
  • To seize opportunities presented by collaborative economy:
  • Support the creation of a collaborative economy project to accompany businesses and implement a single framework to clarify and detail their taxation, economic and social obligations.

To promote growth of the circular economy, whose objective is to optimize the use of resources at each of the life stages of a good or service:

  • Develop, in co-creation with sector stakeholders, a Quebec circular economy strategy with clear objectives to accelerate synergy between businesses within the same territory and implement mechanisms for financial and taxation incentives.
I support this commitment

I support this commitment