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Less time in traffic

To make life easier on families in the Capitale-Nationale region, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Philippe Couillard, proposes concrete actions to develop the transport routes in the Capitale-Nationale region.

A Liberal government is committed to:

  • Implementing the best third link autoroute project between Quebec City and Lévis;
  • Supporting the Réseau structurant de transport en commun de Québecand the City of Lévis’ public transit project, from the design stage to it being operational
  • Ensuring the implementation of interconnectivity between public transit projects in Quebec City and Levis;
  • In collaboration with Quebec City, creating a northbound satellite of the Réseau structurant de transport en commun de Québec;
  • Completing preliminary studies to extend Highway 40;
  • Continuing large investments to the Capitale-Nationale’s major arteries.

The Quebec Liberal Party wants to provide the Capitale-Nationale region with an integrated vision for transportation. Contrary to the piecemeal projects advanced by the other parties, we will present a project for the future that will be an engine for development in our capital region.

We have supported Quebec City’s Réseau structurant de transport en commun project right from the start. Today, we want to go even further and work with it to extend the network north.

I support this commitment

I support this commitment

All the measures that we are proposing today have the same objective: give families in the Capitale-Nationale back more time. We want them to spend less time in traffic and more time together. Giving families more time can happen in a number of ways, through an efficient road network, high-performing public transportation or by managing travel differently; in particular by working remotely. It is a group of measures to facilitate travel, make it more economical, faster and better integrated within the Capitale-Nationale region and throughout Quebec. This is our vision for transport so that life is easier for the people in the Greater Quebec area!


Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party