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More dental care for young people and seniors

To make life easier for Quebecers, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Philippe Couillard, has committed to extending dental care coverage for close to 1.2 million people.

In a second Liberal government mandate:

  • Children’s dental care coverage will now extend to children aged 16 and under;
  • Seniors who receive the guaranteed income supplement will have free access to basic dental care.

This commitment to the health of Quebec’s children and seniors will represent an additional investment of 150 million dollars each year.

Useful Information

  • Upon presentation of a valid Medicare card, children under the age of 10 can currently receive basic dental services free of charge;
  • Upon presentation of their Medicare card and their valid individual or family claim slip, recipients of last resort financial assistance, and their dependents, currently receive free basic dental services.
I support this commitment

I support this commitment

“Making life easier for Quebecers means reconciling the need to maintain their oral health, while reducing the associated financial strain on families and seniors. This proposal will encourage the population to consult their dentist and better prevent and treat oral health problems. To achieve this, we will double the budget dedicated to dental care. It is another concrete, realistic and feasible solution that we will introduce.”

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party