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October 07, 1959 in Châteauguay

Party Leader

September 19, 2012 to December 08, 2013

An advisor, strategist and skilled parliamentarian, Jean-Marc Fournier is one of the most influential ministers in the Quebec government. He began his political career in 1994 when he was elected for the first time in the riding of Châteauguay. His voters renewed their confidence in him in 1998, 2003 and 2007.

Several important responsibilities have been entrusted to him throughout his mandates. He has held the successive positions of Minister of Municipal Affairs, Sports and Recreation (2003-2005), Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports (2005-2007), Minister of Revenue (2007-2008) and Government House Leader (2007-2008). After a brief pause from his political career, he returned in August 2010, which allowed him to take on the role of Minister of Justice and Democratic Institutions (2010-2011). He was re-elected in the by-election in Saint-Laurent in September 2010 and, in addition to his responsibility as Minister of Justice, he took on the position of Government House Leader until the election in 2012.

In 2012 and 2013, he held the positions of Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Official Opposition. In 2014, he continued his career as Minister Responsible for Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs and Canadian Francophonie and as Government House Leader.

During his career as Minister of Municipal Affairs, he created a democratic process that allows citizens to choose the municipal status of their community.

He was also responsible for the establishment of Équipe Québec, a program to support elite amateur athletes, when he was Minister of Municipal Affairs, Sports and Recreation. During this mandate, he also initiated the first sports infrastructure program.

As Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, he put an end to the use of the notwithstanding clause respecting religious education, which made possible the establishment of an ethics and religious culture class in Quebec schools.

As Minister of Revenue, he announced the establishment of the procedure for sales recording modules in restaurants.

From his engagement as Minister of Democratic Institutions ensued the adoption of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Members of the National Assembly.

As Minister of Justice, he is responsible for the Access to Justice Fund, a fund for financing projects or activities that aim to improve the Quebec population’s knowledge and understanding of the law and the legal system.