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13 February 2019

4 Year-Old Kindergarten for All: Who Actually Wants Universal 4 Year-Old Kindergarten?

QUEBEC, February 12, 2019. – Pursuant to the results of a Léger poll which indicated that only 19% of parents would choose 4 year-old kindergarten, the MNA for Westmount-Saint-Louis, Ms. Jennifer Maccarone, is asking the government to backtrack on its proposal to universally impose 4 year-old kindergarten. Recall that 4 year-old kindergarten already exists in targeted locations throughout Quebec, offering support in disadvantaged communities.

The poll that was published today tells us that the vast majority of parents polled believe that the current daycare services network is the best means of promoting academic success, detecting special needs and providing those children with better support. 4 year-old daycare must therefore be developed in conjunction with this network.

The daycare service network has developed proven expertise and is a real source of pride for Quebecers. This poll shows us that parents’ voices are joining voices from the daycare network, education sector and within the research community. Universal 4 year-old daycare isn’t the solution. The government needs to listen to the population. Is there anyone other than the Premier who is actually interested in universal 4 year-old daycare?

– Jennifer Maccarone, MNA for Westmount-Saint-Louis and Official Opposition Critic for Families