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Press release
21 February 2020

A new chapter in the Quebec Liberal Party’s Leadership Race : 4 Debates Organized by the QLP and 1 by its Youth Commission

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The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) is proud to announce that 5 debates will be held in different regions throughout Quebec, providing candidates with an opportunity to present their vision for the future of Quebec and for the QLP.

One of these 5 debates will be held in English and another will be organized by the Youth Commission.

Candidate Questions from Members

In addition to the questions that will be posed by moderators within the framework of the debates, QLP members will also be able to ask candidates their choice of question using a short video clip. Each debate, two questions will be selected at random to be presented during the event.

The Youth Commission will unveil the details for its debate in the near future.

Debates That Are Open to the Public

Debates will be held before an audience and will be open to the public. People who wish to participate in person can register online at the following address:

The details about debate moderators and themes will be announced at a later date. Recall that the deadline to declare one’s candidacy for the leadership race is March 6 at 4 pm. The Leadership Convention, where the person who won the leadership race will be announced, will take place on May 30 and 31 at the Québec City Convention Centre. For the first time in the Party’s history, it is the members of the QLP who, through universal suffrage, will designate the next leader. All members registered prior to May 4 will be able to vote by telephone or via Internet.