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2 September 2018

A proud region, prosperous region

La Baie, September 2, 2018. – To make life easier for Quebecers, the QLP candidate in Roberval, Philippe Couillard, accompanied by the Liberal candidates in Dubuc, Serge Simard; Chicoutimi, Marie-Josée Morency; Lac-Saint-Jean, Mathieu Huot and in Jonquière, Alexandre Duguay, unveiled 3 measures to continue Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean’s economic development.

In a second mandate a QLP government would:

  • Support the City of Saguenay in the financing of a new modern amphitheatre;
  • Work to extend the natural gas distribution network in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, with service on the northern side. Indeed, better access to natural gas will allow businesses to invest in new projects that are economically profitable for the region;
  • Remedy the regional rail transportation issue to increase our businesses’ competitiveness and increase the potential for industrial development in the region.

The economy is running at full throttle. Our region’s unemployment rate has gone from 10.8% in April of 2014, to 6% today, which translates into labour shortages. Over the past four years, we have worked tirelessly to diversify the region’s economy and provide ourselves with the means to improve the quality of life for those who have chosen to live here. We have given ourselves the means to set our sights high and look far ahead for the SaguenayLac-Saint-Jean region. In a second mandate, even more projects will come to fruition in our region, even more businesses will be established here to create quality jobs and even more young people will choose here to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party 

Railroads are important for our region’s economic development. The creation of a working group that unites all the local stakeholders is a concrete follow up to the Sommet économique de la région du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Today, I am committing to continue their work and find solutions to the persisting issues of rail transportation in the region.

Serge Simard, MNA and candidate in Dubuc

The implementation of a natural gas network throughout the region is essential to the economic development of our municipalities in the northern sector of our riding. It’s about providing them with the tools they need to reach their full development potential.

– Mathieu Huot, candidate in Lac-Saint-Jean

We are the leaders in regional development and we have the best team to continue the work. I am therefore committed to developing rail transport.

Alexandre Duguay, candidate in Jonquière

When I am elected, I will personally follow this project closely, in partnership with the community so that it completely meets the population’s social and economic needs and so that it becomes a source of pride for the citizens of Chicoutimi. Our government will support the municipality in the financing of a modern amphitheatre in the City of Saguenay. It is a promising project that will have many uses, including for culture, sports and recreation. Our party is proud to step up to the plate.

 – Marie-Josée Morency, candidate in Chicoutimi