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Press release
23 August 2018

A Single Objective: Making Life Easier for Quebecers

Let’s continue working to together to make life easier for Quebecers

Quebec, August 23, 2018. – The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP), with leader and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard at the helm, will spend the next 39 days presenting concrete measures and actions to make life easier for Quebecers. On October 1st, Quebecers will be called to the ballot box. What’s at stake for this election is simple: we either maintain Quebec’s current momentum, or we compromise years of work.

“The QLP team has been on the ground listening to Quebecers for the past four years. Today, we are getting back on the road to present them with our vision for Quebec. During the past mandate, we strengthened Quebec’s foundation by taking care of our public finances and economic development. Now we can take another step forward, something that was not possible four years ago. Our campaign will be focused on a single main objective: making life easier for Quebecers.”

Philippe Couillard, leader of the QLP and Premier of Quebec

Recall that Quebec has made remarkable progress since 2014. Over the past four years, we did the hard work: restructuring finances, refocusing the State’s priorities, and clearing new paths forward for the future. Quebec is no longer putting its young people into debt. Unemployment is at a historic low. Quebecers’ revenues are progressing more rapidly than anywhere else in Canada. Education is the State’s highest priority. Projects of historic magnitude for public transit and sustainable mobility have been launched.

“The result is that Quebec has regained its ability to make choices. We will always have big challenges to face, like filling some 100,000 job vacancies throughout Quebec’s regions. But Quebec has the strength to meet these challenges. Throughout the election campaign, we will present concrete commitments to make day-to-day life easier for families, seniors, workers and future generations.

We want to give them more time, more money, more access to services, more ways of getting from point A to B, and more ways to help them bring their projects to fruition. This campaign will be about improving quality of life in Quebec. I stand before you today with a team that is experienced, renewed and regenerated. We have accomplished so much in four years and we will do even more for you over the next four years.”

Philippe Couillard, leader of the QLP and Premier of Quebec