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4 June 2018

A QLP promise: to abolish fees for regulated day care services for four-year-olds

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Québec City, June 4, 2018. – During the Quebec Liberal Party’s Special General Council, which brought together more than 700 Party members in Montréal last Saturday, Premier Philippe Couillard, Leader of the QLP, promised that during his next term he would abolish parental contributions to early childhood educational services from the age of four and enhance the educational program. The next Liberal government wants to ensure that our children get the best possible preparation and to allow them to begin their schooling on an equal footing, so that everyone can have the same opportunities and the same quality of services, no matter which network their parents choose.

Since 2014, the Liberal team has been working tirelessly to establish new measures and concrete means to lead each young Quebecer to educational success. In his closing remarks, Philippe Couillard promised that a new Liberal government would abolish the parental contribution related to early childhood educational services from the age of four, whether children are registered in four-year-old kindergarten, a daycare service or a childcare centre. Thus, families will continue to have the same flexibility in the choice of the service that best fits their needs and those of their children, free of charge for the year before they begin school. He also mentioned his desire to enhance the educational program for four-year-olds.

While continuing the development of four-year-old kindergartens and of spots in subsidized daycare services, including those in workplaces, we are committed to abolishing the parental contribution related to early childhood educational services for the year before they begin school, whether children are registered for four-year-old kindergarten, a regulated day care service, or a childcare centre. In addition, the educational program will be adapted and enhanced to promote our children’s success.

– Philippe Couillard

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