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12 August 2022

Access to a family doctor: The CAQ is putting on a smokescreen

The CAQ’s response to the issue of access to health care is just a diversionary tactic. Science has shown us that being monitored by a family doctor is essential to offering the population the best care. The CAQ has given up on that objective.

François Legault is proposing a platform for walk-in consultations which is not a solution for the over one million Quebecers still waiting for a family physician, especially since it does nothing to ensure that a family doctor will actually be monitoring them moving forward.

What the CAQ is announcing today is nothing but a smokescreen. This health care announcement is just an operation in creative accounting to conceal the past years’ failures.

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

François Legault has let Quebecers down and condemned us to a walk-in system rather than providing us with a family doctor who will be responsible for our care. We at the Quebec Liberal Party believe that we should ensure continued long-term monitoring care for Quebecers, not simply through walk-in consultations without any genuine follow up.

Under a Liberal government, we won’t ever give up like François Legault has done. We will do everything in our power to provide each Quebecer with a family doctor by:

  • Training more doctors;
  • Ensuring a better distribution of family doctors throughout our territory;
  • Ensuring that family doctors spend more time in clinic and less in hospitals;
  • Reviewing the amount of administrative red tape in clinics.