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Government announcement
26 February 2016

Bridgestone chooses Quebec : $312 million invested to modernize Joliette plant

Today’s announcement clearly demonstrates the company’s confidence in its Quebec operations, but even more importantly, it shows that Bridgestone has confidence in the quality, the competence, the specialized expertise and the talent of its 1,300 employees.  In an era which has seen a growing expansion globalization and information technology, our future prosperity will depend on our capacity to innovate so that high-quality jobs may be created and maintained here at home.

The Government of Quebec will support businesses in their efforts to diversify, because together, we will see to it that our great capacity for innovation and our know-how is recognized, and that we can achieve our amazing potential.

– Philippe Couillard

Joliette, February 26, 2016. – Premier Philippe Couillard, accompanied by the Minister of Economic Development, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for Digital Strategy, Dominique Anglade, and by the Deputy Premier, Minister responsible for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development, Minister responsible for the Status of Women and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière region, Lise Thériault, announced that financial support in the amount of $54 million has been awarded to Bridgestone Canada to allow the company to modernize its plant located in Joliette, in the Lanaudière region, and to automate its procedures, a project worth a total of $312 million.

In a market where competition is more lively than ever, this project demonstrates the determination of Quebecers to increase local expertise by innovating and showcasing Quebec around the world.  Because of this project, which will produce a major innovation in the way tires are assembled, Bridgestone Canada will definitely be able to strengthen its competitiveness and attract new manufacturing contracts to the Quebec market.

– Dominique Anglade

For more than 50 years, the Joliette plant has stood out because of the incredible quality of its specialized expertise.  Thanks to this project, no one can doubt that this plant will be able to acquire a privileged position, not only within the Bridgestone family, but in the industry as a whole.

– Lise Thériault

The Government of Quebec is contributing to the implementation of this project by lending Bridgestone $44 million and awarding the company a non-reimbursable government grant in the amount of $10 million.  It should be noted that the purpose of this project is to modernize and automate the plant’s equipment, so that it can rapidly respond to market demands for tires having a diameter of more than 18 inches.

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