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28 March 2017

A Long-Term Vision of Public Transit and Concrete Action to Develop Sustainable Mobility

Budget 2017-2018

Québec, March 28, 2017. – The March 2017 Québec Economic Plan confirms the government’s decision to invest in three major public transit projects. In addition, it provides for initiatives totalling nearly $1.5 billion to encourage sustainable mobility by developing public transit services in all regions of Québec. Lastly, provision is also being made for investments to foster an increase the number of electric vehicles in Québec.

Confirmed support for three major public transit projects
The government is following through on its commitments by supporting the development of three major projects in Greater Montréal and the Capitale-Nationale region:

    • Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM);
    • extension of the Montréal métro blue line;
    • Québec-Lévis bus rapid transit (BRT).

The Québec Economic Plan also provides for assistance of $475 million over five years for the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain in order to help it shoulder its increasing responsibilities and play its rightful role in the Réseau électrique métropolitain project.

Investments of $333 million over the same period will also make it possible to support funding, increase public transit services and improve support for paratransit in all regions of Québec.

In the same vein, the government will unveil a sustainable mobility policy next year that covers all means of transportation, that is, public transit and active transportation, as well as air, rail and sea transportation, to complement projects in the road system.

The government is investing more in electric vehicles

In order to support the transition to a low-carbon economy and the achievement of the government’s objectives in the area of transportation electrification, the Québec Economic Plan provides for total investments of $82 million in order to:

provide a rebate of up to $8 000 on the purchase of an electric vehicle under the Roulez vert program;
allow the acquisition of an additional 10 000 new electric vehicles by June 30, 2018;
implement a pilot project promoting the acquisition of fully electric used vehicles.


Public transit is an essential service for society at large and it is good for the economy. I am proud to confirm our support today for three major promising projects for Québec in the area of sustainable mobility: the REM, the BRT and the extension of the blue line.

Thanks to the financial support announced today for the ARTM, we are making sure that municipal contributions will remain at the same level.

In addition, we are fostering the development of transportation systems in all regions of Québec by improving support for public transit bodies in the regions and providing assistance for paratransit.

Carlos Leitão, Minister of Finance of Québec


  • commitment to three major projects in Greater Montréal and the Capitale-Nationale region, namely, the REM, the extension of the Montréal métro blue line and the Québec-Lévis BRT;
  • investments of nearly $1.5 billion in public transit for the creation of the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) and for greater support of public transit bodies in all of Québec’s regions;
  • additional support of $82 million for transportation electrification, making it possible to obtain a rebate of up $8 000 on the purchase of an electric vehicle under the Roulez vert program.

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