« Autiste, bientôt majeur » une réalité qui mérite d’être étudiée - Jennifer Maccarone
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Press release
6 December 2019

CAQ Abandons People With Autism as Well as Their Families

« Autiste, bientôt majeur » une réalité qui mérite d’être étudiée - Jennifer Maccarone

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The Coalition Avenir Québec has just closed the door on any possibility of holding a parliamentary committee to study the services offered to people with autism, especially once they have reached adulthood.  

In September, the Liberal MNA representing Westmount–Saint-Louis, Ms. Maccarone, who has two autistic children- one of whom has just celebrated their 18th birthday, proposed that the Health and Social Services Committee be seized of an initiative mandate. 

She is concerned about the numerous challenges facing new adults on the autism spectrum and their families, such as workforce integration, the end of their school careers and the transition from the pediatric to adult health care system.

The docu-reality series, “Autistic and soon to be an adult” which came out this fall, ,is a testimony to that reality. The services offered to families with autistic children change once the child reaches adulthood, even if their situation does not change. The Premier, Mr. François Legault, took part in a segment of the series, demonstrating openness and sensitivity. Today, his government abandoned people living with autism as well as their families.

The parliamentary committee would have allowed us to hear from different groups and find possible solutions to broaden the services that are currently offered.

I am sad and disappointed because I got involved in politics to make a difference in the lives of my own wonderful children and the thousands of others who are on the autism spectrum. Today, I feel abandoned by the CAQ government who is refusing to tackle the issues that new adults with autism are facing. Mr. Legault, you even took part in the ‘Autistic and soon to be an adult” docu-reality yourself, you were able to witness the difficulties that families like mine are facing. What happened to all the sensitivity you showed on TV?

– Jennifer Maccarone, mother of two autistic children, MNA representing Westmount–Saint-Louis and Liberal Critic for Families and for People Living with a Handicap or on the Autism Spectrum