La CAQ refuse d’appliquer un moratoire sur les E-Sports
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26 September 2019

The CAQ Refuses to Impose a Moratorium on E-Sports

La CAQ refuse d’appliquer un moratoire sur les E-Sports

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This morning, through a motion he presented in the National Assembly, the MNA representing Marquette, Mr. Enrico Ciccone, once again invited the government to exercise caution in the deployment of E-Sports programs in Quebec schools.

Mr. Ciccone suggested that the government impose a moratorium on these programs. He also asked the National Assembly to mandate experts to produce a report on the effects of digital equipment on our young people’s health.

The MNA representing Marquette believes that it is utter nonsense to open the doors to these programs in our schools when we do not yet know the impacts that this technology could have on our young people.

The government rejected the motion by the MNA representing Marquette. The CAQ continues to refuse to hear from experts on the issue at the National Assembly. It is a nonpartisan motion- all parliamentarians should have the opportunity to hear what the specialists from this sector have to say.

We want to know the truth about the effects of significant exposure to tablets, cellular phones and other screens on young people. We must better document the phenomenon to support parents, teachers and healthcare professionals managing this reality, and that includes addiction prevention. E-Sports will never replace sports. Its refusal to document this worrisome situation illustrates the fact that the CAQ is once again ignoring expert opinions and doing whatever it sees fit.

—Enrico Ciccone, MNA representing Marquette and Liberal Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living

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