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Press release
14 April 2018

Charles Poulin, Liberal candidate for the riding of Saint-François

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En route to the 2018 general election

Sherbrooke, April 13, 2018. – Surrounded by many party members and supporters, Charles Poulin was nominated as the official candidate for the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) in the riding of Saint-François for the upcoming 2018 general election.

The decision to enter politics takes careful consideration. I have dreamed of having the opportunity to represent the citizens of Saint-François at the National Assembly for a while. I have been involved in politics in the riding of Saint-François for a long time and I have seen the extent to which politicians can make a real difference in people’s lives.

– Charles Poulin, Liberal candidate for the 2018 general election.

The Liberal government has balanced our public finances to give us the means to invest more in our priorities. Since May 2014, over 238,600 jobs have been created in Quebec; the unemployment rate has been at an all-time low for several months; over 1,000,000 Quebecers now have access to a family doctor; the new bio-food policy will help companies in this sector to stand out and Quebecers to eat better; taxes have decreased; and major investments have been made in health and education, in particular.

I want to continue to work with citizens, with the leaders of our institutions, companies and organization, and with everyone who wants to help improve society.

– Charles Poulin, Liberal candidate for the 2018 general election.