Caméras et ceintures de sécurité pour les autobus scolaires
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Press release
13 February 2019

The CAQ Must Take The Necessary Action To Ensure Our Children’s Safety

Caméras et ceintures de sécurité pour les autobus scolaires

Cameras and Seat Belts for School Buses

QUEBEC, February 11, 2019. – After reading the pilot project report which indicated the actual number of infractions committed by drivers when a school bus’ intermittently flashing red lights are activated, or when their stop signs are deployed, the MNA for La Pinière and Official Opposition Critic for Transport and Conseil du trésor, Gaétan Barrette, is urging the government to move forward with the installation of surveillance cameras in all school buses. This pilot project was implemented last winter by the MNA for Pontiac and former Minister of Transport, André Fortin.

The report documents hundreds of alarming infractions that put our young people at risk.

It is also important to recall the shocking facts and images that were reported on the television program Enquête in mid-January regarding the lack of seat belts in school buses. That is why the Quebec Liberal Party is asking François Legault’s government to make the necessary representations to the federal government in order to amend the regulations that govern this matter.

Simple measures can be implemented to ensure that our children are safer. Security cameras on school buses have proven successful within the pilot project that we implemented during the previous government’s mandate. The current government has all the leeway it requires to address the issue and take action as quickly as possible.

– Gaétan Barrette, Official Opposition Critic for Transport and the Conseil du Trésor