Commotions cérébrales - Mieux protéger nos jeunes grâce au passe-sports
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February 15, 2019

Concussions – Offering Young People Better Protection Thanks to Pass-Sports

Commotions cérébrales - Mieux protéger nos jeunes grâce au passe-sports

QUEBEC, February 8, 2019. –The MNA for Marquette and Official Opposition Critic for Sports, Leisure and Healthy Living, Enrico Ciccone, has proposed the implementation of Pass-Sports, a tool used to better protect young people from concussions when playing sports.

This tool will be in the form of a booklet and will help protect young people aged 18 and under who could sustain repeated concussions by compiling key information about all the sports and activities a young person practises so that parents, coaches, doctors, referees and teachers can all access this information in one place.

Recall that the Concussions Management Protocol, which was launched by the previous government on July 6, 2017, was the central component of the action plan for the prevention and management of concussions related to practising sports and recreational activities. The Pass-Sports will represent a new enhancement to complete the Concussion Management Protocol.

In order to implement his proposal, Mr. Ciccone intends to table a bill at the National Assembly.

We need to better protect our young athletes who sustain concussions. We need to protect them from themselves, from coaches driven by a thirst for victory or from parents who see their children as future stars of the NHL or NFL. Repeated concussions can have harmful long-term impacts on young people’s physical and psychological health; the time to act is now. I also hope to liaise with my colleague and Minister of Education, Isabelle Charest, so that together we can bring this proposal to a successful conclusion.

–Enrico Ciccone, Official Opposition Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living  


Pass-Sports Highlights:

  • Ensuring that young people are protected from the sport, from him or herself as well as from parents or coaches that push athletes to return to practising sports too quickly;
  • Avoiding young people practising a sport that could exacerbate their situation;
  • Avoiding multiple concussions;
  • Reassuring parents.

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