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25 February 2019

Day 1 of Rebuilding the Quebec Liberal Party : Frank and Open Discussions Among 150 Members of the QLP’s Regional Associations in Bécancour

Meeting of Liberal Association Presidents

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Bécancour, February 23, 2019. – A meeting that gathered presidents from the Quebec Liberal Party’s regional associations, day 1 of Rebuilding the Party, aimed to hold open and frank discussions among supporters in order to make concrete decisions so that our party can make a strong comeback in 2022.

Following the meeting, we can certainly say mission accomplished! Supporters from all across Quebec returned home feeling enthusiastic; they were confident that they had been heard and were satisfied with the decisions that were made.

Key points:

  • The guidelines and calendar for the leadership race will be presented to members at the General Council in May;
  • The Party has committed to achieving gender parity within its committees as of the next election;
  • The leader of the QLP, Pierre Arcand, gave each Liberal MNA the mandate to be present in the regions; it’s the Party’s priority. The concerns, aspirations and ideas that they will gather will help to develop the regions’ charter.

Recall that the next national event will take place on May 4th and 5th in Drummondville. It is the Party’s General Council and it will gather hundreds of members from across Quebec to debate and share ideas.

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