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Press release
20 July 2020

Death of Ihor Horbanov on Autoroute 30 : The Minister of Immigration Must Take Action Quickly

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The Official Opposition is urging the Minister of Immigration, Ms. Nadine Girault, to offer a Certificat de sélection du Québec to the family of Mr. Ihor Horbanov. The mother and children in the family of Ukranian origin risk being deported following the death of the father on Autoroute 30 in Montérégie.

In March of 2019, IhorHorbanov tragically lost his life when his vehicle fell into a 7-foot pothole caused by a lack of upkeep by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. Because of the death, the man’s work visa is no longer valid for his family. They have therefore lost access to health insurance coverage and to French language classes.

It is an unspeakable tragedy, the victim’s family does not need to be subjected to threats of deportation in addition to the pain they are enduring because of the accident. I am personally asking the Minister of Immigration, Nadine Girault, to demonstrate humanity today and offer a CSQ to this family who is already experiencing very difficult times. She has the power to do so, will she show the humanity that her job requires?

–Mr. Gaétan Barrette, MNA representing La Pinière and Liberal Immigration Critic.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport had been aware of the issue on this portion of the highway for some time before the accident. The lack of maintenance caused a loss of life and created tragedy for a mother and her two children. This could have been avoided. If the monitoring had been done correctly by the MTQ, this family would not currently be in this inhumane situation.

–Mr. Pierre Arcand, MNA representing Mont-Royal-Outremont and Liberal Transport Critic.