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12 September 2022

ECO: A Real Solution To The Energy Challenges of the 21st Century

With its ECO project, which aims to nationalize the hydrogen industry, the Quebec Liberal Party is once again demonstrating its desire to make Quebec a world leader in energy and economic matters.

While the transportation sector accounts for the largest share of GHG emissions in Quebec, the Liberal Party will continue the electrification process that began more than ten years ago. However, for heavy rail, marine and aviation transportation, batteries are too heavy to be effective. Hydrogen represents the best energy and environmental solution for these sectors to complete our energy transition.

This is why Dominique Anglade is presenting her ambitious ECO Project, which represents $100 billion in public and private investments. ECO is Quebec’s largest economic project since Robert Bourassa’s James Bay project.

Moreover, green hydrogen can meet the energy needs of several manufacturing sectors that use large quantities of fossil energy and whose processes do not lend themselves to electrification, including steel, refining and cement.

To achieve our ambitious energy transition goals, we will:

  • Hold a green hydrogen summit;
  • Support the research and development of new hydrogen production and distribution technologies;
  • Support the technological development of various processes for the production of hydrogen and other clean biofuels from residual materials, including those from agriculture and forestry;
  • Support projects to supply green hydrogen to major industrial facilities and the development of strategic hubs near port facilities to supply hydrogen to truck and forklift fleets, trains and ships.

The Quebec Liberal Party has always been at the forefront of the largest economic projects in our history. The fight against climate change is the greatest challenge of the century and our greatest economic opportunity, which is why we are proposing to become leaders in the development of green hydrogen. Thanks to Quebec’s genius, our wealth of water and hydroelectricity, we are proposing a real Quebec solution to a real global issue.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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