Réforme du mode de scrutin  - François Legault renie sa signature
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27 September 2019

Electoral Reform : François Legault Has Gone Back on His Word

Réforme du mode de scrutin  - François Legault renie sa signature

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We made a commitment to have a dual mode during the first mandate

— François Legault, September 2018.

It’s more complicated than I thought. We were hoping to implement more quickly, but we underestimated the magnitude of the task

— François Legault, September 25, 2019.

Yet, the Official Opposition had warned Mr. Legault on several occasions about the complexity of electoral reform. He made the commitment lightly and it is therefore not surprising that many people are feeling duped today.

In 2016, Mr. Legault even signed an agreement with the Parti Québécois, Québec Solidaire and various groups in civil society, in which he committed to reforming the electoral system by the 2022 election. Today he has reneged on his word.

The Quebec Liberal Party is determined to ensure that the regions are well represented in the National Assembly. Any kind of electoral reform must respect votes from all Quebecers, in all of Quebec’s regions. That onus falls to those proposing the reform, in this case the government.

Democracy is a fundamental issue. Today, Liberal officials are demanding that the government follow through on a commitment made by Minister Sonia Lebel last May, to make the consultation as vast as possible and to hold general consultations on the matter.

We will take the time hold exhaustive reflections on this critical issue. Our decision must be made in the interest of all Quebecers and not in the interest of a political party. The Quebec Liberal Party has always been concerned with improving democracy in Quebec, but it has to be done properly. Many questions remain unanswered, especially the details surrounding the referendum the CAQ intends to hold on electoral reform.

— Marc Tanguay, MNA representing LaFontaine, Official Opposition House Leader and Liberal Critic for Justice