Bilan de fin de session - La glace est brisée, maintenant il faut gouverner
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11 December 2018

End of Session Summary — The Ice Has Been Broken, Now It’s About Governing

Bilan de fin de session - La glace est brisée, maintenant il faut gouverner

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QUEBEC, December 7, 2018. — The ice has been broken. The parliamentary session that ends today was a sort of breaking-in period. The Official Opposition found the right tone, while the Coalition Avenir Québec seems to be struggling to behave like a government. When the next parliamentary session begins, the Coalition Avenir Québec needs to stop blaming the previous government and explain its own plan.

The premier avoided the questions I put to him. The only reply was to blame the previous government. I would like to remind François Legault that he is the Premier. I would like also like to highlight the work done by my team as they deftly found the right tone as the Official Opposition. We will be even better prepared for the opening of the next session this winter.

Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition

He also drew attention to the lack of coherence in the government’s action. In particular he noted the decrease in immigration thresholds which defies all logic, as well as the CAQ’s insistence on increasing the legal age for consuming cannabis to 21, despite a wealth of experts opposing that position.

Over the course of the few occasions that the assembly sat this session, the government made the decision to focus all of our work on the opening address. We had an opportunity to question the CAQ, a government that is now beginning to understand the difference between the work of an opposition party and that of a government that deals all parliamentary groups. As the official opposition, we will be ready to continue our parliamentary work in a constructive manner when the session resumes in 2019.

—Sébastien Proulx, Leader of the Official Opposition

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