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Government announcement
7 April 2016

Energy Policy 2030 – Things to Remember

An ambitious vision

By 2030, make Quebec a North American leader in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and build a new economy, strong and with a low carbon footprint by moving from 47.6% renewable energy use (in 2016) to 60.9% in 2030. This vision will become a reality by placing citizens at the centre of initiatives.

Concrete targets

  1. Improve by 15 % energy use efficiency;
  2. Reduce by 40% the amount of petroleum products consumed;
  3. Eliminate the use of thermal coal;
  4. Increase by 25 % the share of renewable energy in total energy production;
  5. Increase by 50 % bioenergy production.

The government wishes to encourage innovative and base projects for Quebec’s economy as well as for energy transition.

Some key measures

  • 4 billion dollars to help Quebecers with energy transition;
  • Establishment of  multi-fuel filling stations;
  • “Zero coal” law to eliminate thermal coal by 2030;
  • Take advantage of wind energy by promoting the export of electricity to North American markets;
  • Adoption of a legal framework governing the operation and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Quebec in order to ensure safe transportation and responsible exploitation of hydrocarbons in Quebec; social acceptance within host communities and the application of higher technical and environmental standards.

Quebecers approach to energy management is inseparable from government targets in the fight against climate change, economic prosperity, intergenerational equity and public finances.

Site Internet de la Politique énergétique 2030, cliquez ici.