Hydro-électricité - François Legault en dit plus à Doug Ford qu'à la population québécoise
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Press release
21 November 2018

François Legault keeps Doug Ford better informed than the population of Quebec

Hydro-électricité - François Legault en dit plus à Doug Ford qu'à la population québécoise

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QUEBEC, Nov. 21, 2018 – François Legault has been talking about launching his “21st century Baie-James” project since 2016. For more than two years it has been a slogan without a plan. But now the first details of the project are emerging following his meeting with Ontario Premier, Doug Ford. And the more we learn, the more worrisome it becomes.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, François Legault revealed that he wanted to hire workers and supplies from Ontario to build new dams and transmission lines in Quebec for electricity destined for Ontario’s market. A few days ago the Premier  admitted wanting to create a new state-owned corporation in partnership with Ontario  for the construction of new dams in Quebec.

It’s troubling to learn about the project’s parameters this way when the Premier has never spoken to the population of Quebec about it. It is a complete lack of transparency toward those he represents.


Hydro-Québec is not only a source of collective wealth for Quebecers, it is also a source of pride. It is a corporation that has contributed to Quebec’s development since its creation and since electricity was nationalized. François Legault says he is a nationalist, but today suggests entrusting the development of new dams to workers from Ontario, in addition to literally relinquishing a portion to Doug Ford’s government.

François Legault speaks to us about creating quality jobs, but the only ones he intends to create with his project are ones for our neighbours in Ontario. We have developed world-renowned expertise in the construction of major hydroelectric projects. It is out of the question that we divest part of our most important natural resource to another province. Hydro Quebec must remain in the hand of Quebecers.

– Saul Polo, Official Opposition critic for Energy and Natural Resources.