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Press release
15 March 2018

François Legault should make his “expulsion test” public

QUÉBEC CITY, March 15, 2018 —François Legault is once again attempting to divide Quebecers by proposing to subject immigrants who arrive in Quebec to an “expulsion test.” He wants to re-hash the debate on values that already took place in the context of the Marois government’s Charter of Values. This “expulsion test” is based on values that have never been defined by Mr. Legault. David Heurtel, Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness and MNA for Viau, therefore asks that Mr. Legault’s party make this test—the questions and the founding principles on which it is based—public.


Once again, François Legault is using a divisive strategy by proposing ideas without making his position clear to Quebecers. At a time when several regions of Quebec are facing major labour shortages, immigration represents one of the solutions to ensure Quebec’s economic development. Instead of stirring up conflict as Mr. Legault suggests, we are working to create a new Quebec where all Quebecers can contribute to the development of our society. I invite Mr. Legault to disclose this expulsion test now and to clearly explain his position.

– David Heurtel, Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness and MNA for Viau