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Press release
21 December 2019

“Green Paper” on Police Reality : Legault Government’s Actions Under Cover of Night

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The CAQ government once again showed total disregard for our democratic and legislative institutions yesterday by presenting what it calls its “Green Paper” on police reality. The Minister of Public Security, Ms. Geneviève Guilbault decided to hold consultations on the subject outside of the people’s assembly, raising serious doubts about the transparency of this process.

In order for this type of file to be called a “green paper”, a working document must be presented to the elected officials in the National Assembly before it becomes the subject of discussions in parliamentary committee. It is regrettable that this process will not be completely public and that the role of opposition parties and groups that wish to be heard on the topic will be limited.

The government once again took action under the cover of night by holding this exercise outside the walls of the National Assembly where debates are open to the public and recorded, allowing parliamentarians to effectively do their jobs. The government is working on the margins of our democratic institutions again, not taking into consideration the important roles that parliamentarians of all political horizons can contribute.

Since the beginning of this government’s mandate, it has been clear that it does not take into account respect for democratic and legislative institutions. We once again have proof that all the CAQ wants is to create the necessary space for its own legislative agenda to move forward, at the detriment of important idea-sharing and debates. This reflection on police services affects Quebec’s entire population. The procedures must be transparent. All opposition parties and groups who want to be heard, should be allowed to have their say.

–Marie-Claude Nichols, MNA representing Vaudreuil and Liberal Critic for Public Security.