Mise en valeur des produits bioalimentaires québécois - Québec annonce une aide financière de 7,15 millions de dollars
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19 July 2018

Highlighting Quebec’s Biofood Products – Quebec Announces 7.15 Million Dollars of Financial Assistance

Mise en valeur des produits bioalimentaires québécois - Québec annonce une aide financière de 7,15 millions de dollars

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Highlighting Quebec’s Biofood Products

QUEBEC, July 19, 2018 – The government of Quebec has announced 7.15 million dollars of financial assistance over 3 years to the Conseil de promotion de l’agroalimentaire québécois (CPAQ) to support the organization and help it to fulfill its mission. Note that the CPAQ showcases Quebec Biofood companies through the “Aliments du Québec” and “Aliments préparés au Québec” logos, as well as the various “Bio” designations.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr. Laurent Lessard, made the announcement and specified that the government was making a priority of contributing to the reputation of Quebec-made products and the development of the biofood industry, and that it will not spare any efforts to meet the targets in the Politique bioalimentaire 2018–2025 – Alimenter notre monde. Indeed, one of the policy’s targets was the addition of 10 billion dollars of Quebec content to biofood products purchased in Quebec by 2025, and expand their presence as well as encourage the purchase of Quebec food in public establishments.


Quebec Biofood companies are evolving in a highly competitive business environment and must be able to set themselves apart from foreign companies. Identifying the local and Quebec origins of products facilitates their market positioning, while responding to the concerns of consumers who are looking for benchmarks. I therefore encourage Québec biofood companies to become members of Aliments du Québec and identify their products’ origin through the organization’s logos

– Laurent Lessard, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

We would like to thank the Ministry for its renewed commitment throughout the years and its ever-growing confidence in our actions. This long-term financial support will help us to consolidate our Aliments du Québec’s reputation and continue our mission of identifying local biofood products. Purchasing locally is a major concern for consumers, as is identifying where products come from. Consumers are looking for a trust contract and we are able to offer it to them. We are happy to contribute to achieving the objectives of the new Politique bioalimentaire with all industry stakeholders.

– Yoann Duroy, President of the Conseil de promotion de l’agroalimentaire québécois — Aliments du Québec

Quick Facts

  • The government contribution will allow us to:
    • Develop and implement an annual promotional campaign for Quebec biofood products on the Quebec market;
    • Hold activities which, among others, aim to encourage companies, restaurants, hotels and establishments to use Aliments du Québec and Aliments preparés au Québec trademarks, or their “bio” designations, as well as Aliments du Québec on their menus;
    • To encourage Quebec biofood companies to become members of Aliments du Québec and indicate where their products come from with the help of the organization’s logos.
  • Founded in 1996 by the members of the Quebec’s agrifood sector the CPAQ, commonly known as Aliments du Québec, has been supported by the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in its efforts to highlight Quebec’s biofood offer since its inception.
  • The CPAQ unites the main partners of the biofood sector, including major food chains, food distributors and restaurateurs as well as large sector and national associations.
  • In 2017, sales destined for the HRI (“hotels restaurants and institutions”) represented 16 million dollars, which is an increase of 7% compared with 2016 sales.

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