Nadine Girault suit les traces de son prédécesseur : méconnaissance et improvisation dans ses dossiers
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Press release
10 August 2020

Ihor Horbanov’s Family : The Minister of Immigration Must Demonstrate Humanity

Nadine Girault suit les traces de son prédécesseur : méconnaissance et improvisation dans ses dossiers

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The MNA representing La Pinière and Official Opposition Critic for Immigration, Mr. Gaétan Barrette, laments Minister Nadine Girault’s inaction and lack of determination- she believes that she cannot intervene in Mr. Ihor Horbanov family’s file.

It is quite the opposite, however. The minister can and must be proactive and coordinate with the federal government to regularize Ms. Horbanova’s status and provide a Certificat de sélection du Québec so that the mother of this Ukrainian family and her two children do not risk being deported in the wake of the father’s death on Highway 30 in Montérégie in March of 2019.

Ihor Horbanov tragically lost his life when his vehicle fell into a pothole caused due to a lack of maintenance by the Quebec Ministry of Transport, despite it having been aware of the problem on that stretch of the highway for some time before the accident. The lack of maintenance caused a loss of life and a tragedy for a mother and her two children.

It’s nonsensical, it’s an injustice. The Minister of Immigration cannot just say that she is unable to intervene in this file. In fact, article 34 of the Immigraton Act allows the minister to select a person ‘who is in a particular distress’ to offer them a Certificat de sélection du Québec. That is what we are asking her to do immediately and publicly. This family would not be in this inhumane situation right now if the MTQ had done the follow-up correctly. Quebec has its share of responsibility in this tragedy and taking swift action for Ms. Horbanova and her children is the least that can be done. Minister Girault can move things forward to ensure a decent future for this family who settled in Sorel-Tracy with the dream of a better life in Quebec.

–Mr. Gaétan Barrette, MNA representing La Pinière and Liberal Critic for Immigration.