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Press release
31 May 2019

Immigration Bill: QLP Secures a Win for Quebec Businesses

The Official Opposition’s relentless work has allowed Quebec Businesses to mark an important gain during the study of the bill to reform the immigration system. Indeed, the MNA representing Saint-Henri—Sainte-Anne and Official Opposition Critic for Economy and Immigration, Ms. Dominique Anglade, presented an amendment that will force the government to take Quebec employers’ economic realities into consideration when it determines the conditions that an employer must respect upon hiring a foreign worker.

Recall that the business world had strongly objected to the administrative burden that would be incurred with Bill 9. The administrative framework was detrimental to businesses and complicated the process of hiring newcomers, all of which in spite of a context of serious workforce shortages. With this amendment, entrepreneurs’ realities will be taken into account and their lives will be made easier.

It is imperative that this bill not pose impediments to Quebec’s economy. It seems that the Minister of Immigration is finally taking entrepreneurs’ realities into consideration and I hope that he will continue to do so. The amendment that we submitted for adoption enhances the bill and benefits Quebec businesses. We will continue our work as the official opposition throughout the study of this bill so that it is rendered acceptable and so that it no longer has a detrimental effect on Quebec’s economy.

—Dominique Anglade, MNA representing Saint-Henri—Sainte-Anne and Official Opposition Critic for the Economy and Immigration