Des investissements de 16,2 M$ pour l'amélioration de la qualité dans les centres de tri et chez les recycleurs
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Government announcement
7 June 2018

$16.2 million investment to improve the quality of sorting and recycling plants

Des investissements de 16,2 M$ pour l'amélioration de la qualité dans les centres de tri et chez les recycleurs

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Montréal, June 7, 2018 – On June 7, the Government of Québec confirmed the financial support of $3.45 million for seven projects aiming to improve the quality of sorted material and to promote a better link between what comes out of selective collection sorting centres and what companies that process these materials receive. The government’s contribution creates a considerable leverage effect with an investment multiplied by five for a total of $16.2 million invested.

Following the analysis by RECYC-QUÉBEC, the most promising projects have been selected, notably in terms of impact on the quantity of sorted and processed material, and on opportunities for connecting sorting centres and processors. These projects aim to increase the processing capacity for materials most commonly found in the recycling bins of Quebecers—paper and plastics. This support will also increase the potential for local companies to process these materials. Thanks to this support, nearly 30,000 tonnes of additional material will be able to be processed more effectively.

The selected projects are those of the following companies: Energiplast in Cowansville, Plastimum in Sherbrooke, Récupéraction Centre-du-Québec in Drummondville, Absotechno in Sorel-Tracy, Sani-Éco in Granby, Tricentris in Lachute, Société VIA in Rivière-du-Loup.


I was concerned about the state of selective collection in Québec and I wanted to act quickly to help those involved. Last week we had a consultation in which improving the quality of materials and developing our circular economy were targeted among our priority actions. The announcement represents a total investment of $16.2 million that will help modernize four sorting centres and deploy three projects concerning the local processing of material collected and sorted here in Québec. These are concrete projects that will quickly contribute to a greener and more prosperous Québec.

– Isabelle Melançon, Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change

For several months we have been carrying out intensive activities in collaboration with the Québec partners and parties involved in selective collection management to establish concrete and profitable financial support in the long term for those in Québec’s recycling industry. Support for these projects clearly demonstrates Québec’s desire to decrease its vulnerability to export markets by improving the quality of sorted material and by increasing its processing capacity. Those involved are also sending a clear message about their desire to be part of the solution by investing alongside the Government of Québec in the modernization of their facilities and procedures.

– Sonia Gagné, Chief Executive Officer of RECYC-QUÉBEC

Key points:

  • Last January, RECYC-QUÉBEC called for proposals with an initial budget of $3 million. The goal was to support projects that would allow an increase in quality and quantity of materials while promoting a better link between the materials leaving selective collection sorting centres and our companies that use them.
  • During the process, this amount was increased by $450,000 to support even more projects. A total of 24 projects were received, 22 of which were found to be compliant and were analyzed.
  • In the last 10 years the Government of Québec, through its public corporation, has invested more than $25 million in sorting centres and other companies that process material in Québec.
  • Every year Québec collects over 1 million tonnes of material, including 707,000 tonnes of fibres and 46,000 tonnes of plastic. Of this amount, 80% is sold for recycling, 10% is used without being recycled and 10% is discarded for being material that isn’t recyclable or isn’t extracted from sorting centres.
  • In Canada, Québec is a leader in selective collection performance. Québec recycles 81 kg of material per capita and processes it at a cost of $215 per tonne. In comparison, Ontario recycles 65 kg per capita at a cost of $309 per tonne, British Columbia recycles 41 kg per capita at $398 per tonne, and Manitoba recycles 68 kg per capita at $297 a tonne.