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20 September 2022

Inflation and the Workforce Shortage, The QLP’s economic priorities

During her visit to the CCMM this morning, the Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Ms. Dominique Anglade, presented the vision she would put forward to promote economic growth in Quebec. Quebec is facing several economic issues including inflation, labour shortages and the fight against climate change, and we have a duty to find real solutions to address them.

The Labour Shortage, an Obstacle for Economic Growth

The labour shortage is one of the greatest economic and social challenges we face. Today, nearly 40% of SMEs are refusing contracts and/or relocating their production outside of Quebec. The shortage also represents billions of dollars in losses for local businesses.

The workforce shortage also affects all of our public services. There is a shortage of people everywhere, and if Quebec does not implement real solutions, we will also have problems attracting new talent.

This is why the Quebec Liberal Party is proposing real solutions to fight the labour shortage:

  • Retain or bring back experienced workers;
  • QPP contribution hiatus for those 62 and over.
  • Double the tax exemption for people 65 and over. They will no longer pay taxes on the first $30,000 earned.
  • Strengthen efforts to support business in digitization, automation and the green transition;
  • Continue efforts to reskill the workforce in areas of greatest demand;
  • Encourage the return of young parents to the workforce by completing the $8.70 childcare network;
  • Support immigration that helps fill job vacancies in the most affected regions and sectors;
  • Accelerate the recognition of the diplomas for workers from another province or country.

Direct Assistance for our Businesses:

Our businesses are in need of oxygen. In addition to facing the workforce shortages, our businesses are still dealing with backlash from the pandemic, burdensome red tape and rising input costs. We therefore want to implement solutions that will allow our businesses to grow. With that in mind, the Quebec Liberal Party proposes to:

  • Review the taxation of SMEs by revising the parameters of the small business deduction;
  • Reduce the pressure of taxes on SMEs’ payroll by reducing the contribution rates to the Health Services Fund;
  • Reviewing research and development tax credits to make them more effective;
  • Pass a regulatory relief bill to reduce the regulatory burden on our businesses;
  • Implement a strategy to encourage business takeovers;
  • Provide more flexibility for the repayment of loans granted under assistance programs.

ECO – Turn climate change into an economic opportunity:

Throughout the whole world, the fight against climate change represents the greatest challenge of the 21st century. In order to meet the GHG reduction targets we have set for ourselves, Quebec will have to use its entire territory and come up with innovative solutions. We at the Liberal Party are proposing to turn the climate issue into an economic opportunity.

Our ECO project combines ecology and economy by:

  • Electrifying our transportation and industries as much as possible;
  • Launching a major energy production project;
  • Achieving energy savings;
  • Developing a new economic sector, green hydrogen, in order to propel the sectors that cannot be electrified.

The next few years will be crucial for Quebec’s economy. The challenges facing Quebec businesses are immense and under the CAQ the labour shortage issues will persist. The vision we are proposing today will allow businesses to attract new talent and continue to grow. At the Quebec Liberal Party, we have big ideas for our businesses and we have big ideas for Quebec.

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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