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Press release
20 June 2022

Jean-François Primeau is deeply committed to his community, has big ideas for Châteauguay

Close to one hundred Châteauguay residents and Liberal party supporters gathered together for the open nomination meeting in Châteauguay during which Jean-François Primeau was acclaimed as the official candidate for the 2022 general elections. Quebec Liberal Party Leader Dominique Anglade, the MNA representing Westmont-Saint-Louis, Jennifer Maccarone and the MNA representing Vaudreuil, Marie-Claude Nichols, as well as several members of the local association were on hand to pledge their support to Châteauguay’s exceptional candidate, Jean-François Primeau.

A lawyer by profession, with experience in education sector management, including expertise in contract management compliance, Jean-François Primeau has a long history of community involvement within his riding of Châteauguay.

Conscious of maintaining and developing his community’s vitality, he was President of the Châteauguay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a school board chairperson for several community schools, as well as a coach for the Châteauguay Minor Soccer Association. The Liberal candidate also took part in the Théâtre Quatre/Corps “Celebrity for a Day” theatre productions and completed the Kilimanjaro Challenge benefitting the Suroît Hospital. He is a member of the board of directors for the Fondation Gisèle Faubert whose mission currently includes the construction of a palliative care home within the MRC Roussillon’s territory. Until recently, Jean-François was also the President of the Châteauguay Liberal Association and the Quebec Liberal Party’s Regional President for Montérégie-Ouest. He grew up in the riding of Châteauguay and still lives there with his own family today. Jean-François Primeau will be able to use his skills and knowledge to provide a strong voice for his community and fellow citizens at Quebec’s National Assembly.

Jean-François Primeau is an exceptional candidate donning the Liberal colours for Châteauguay in 2022. His attachment to liberal values is as authentic as it is well known. He has been an active volunteer member of the Liberal family for many years and is uniquely attuned to the priorities of his fellow citizens. Jean-François is a man of action who is determined to give the very best of himself to build a Quebec where local governance and support for the middle class are at the heart of our priorities. Deeply rooted in his community, I am convinced that he will be able to earn the trust of his fellow citizens in the riding of Châteauguay on October 3rd.

– Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

It is a real privilege for me to don the Liberal colours in my own riding for the October 3rd election.  I want to put my experience and knowledge of our community to good use in order to provide my fellow citizens with a strong voice at the National Assembly. My commitment to liberal values and desire to serve my community were what motivated me to join Dominique Anglade and make the leap into active politics. The Liberal team is proposing ambitious measures and projects for Quebec: an income tax break for the middle class, the Charter for Regions and the combination of economic development and environmental protection through the ECO project are all examples of ways that we will directly address families’ needs as well as our local issues. I am really enthusiastic about collaborating with local entrepreneurs, community organizations, professionals from the education and health and social services sectors, as well as with all elected officials and local stakeholders as we further the riding of Châteauguay’s socio-economic development together.

– Jean-François Primeau, Official Candidate for the Quebec Liberal Party in Châteauguay for the 2022 general elections