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Press release
19 August 2020

Jean-François Roberge’s Improvisation Is Still Going Strong : Parents, Children and the Teachers Demand Reassurance

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Upon being questioned on his ministry’s spending and investments during the budgetary appropriations committee hearing, Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge was unable to prove reassuring. Furthermore, many questions remain unanswered, more proof that the minister is still improvising just days before the start of the academic year.

The Official Opposition Critic for Education, Marwah Rizqy, has insisted on the importance of being ambitious with regards to our education system and thus has made many proposals today which include the establishment of day camps, additional hours for student help and the deployment of mobile Covid-19 clinics solely for schools, among others.

Furthermore, she has asked the minister to recognize that the ‘‘Skytag“ school was illegal, something that he was unable to do even when shown public postings of this school in the ”services offer” section.

She has also pointed out that this morning’s announcement of $20M in new initiatives for approximately one million children only actually amounts to $20 per child.

It’s so little, it should have been a more ambitious plan. Education has never been a priority for the CAQ administration. The government’s role is to reassure people, but the reality is far from that with Minister Roberge since parents, students and teachers still have too many questions and back to school is only days away. I have made many constructive suggestions to the Minister of Education. I urge him to reconsider some of his decisions in the name of our shared concern for academic success because our students deserve nothing but the best!

–Ms. Marwah Rizqy, MNA representing Saint-Laurent and Official Opposition Critic for Education