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August 16, 2019

François Legault is Slowing Quebec’s Economy

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The summer season has done nothing to help Premier François Legault rid himself of his arrogance. The CAQ leader is stubbornly insisting that this year’s immigration threshold remain at 40,000, despite businesses facing an unprecedented labour shortage.

While companies are refusing orders, abolishing shifts or closing their doors due to a lack of workers, the Premier still wants to reduce immigration volumes. The economic sector has clearly stated that this is a serious mistake for Quebec’s economy.

All week long, one after the other, representatives from the economic sector marched into Parliamentary Committee denouncing the government’s decision to reduce immigration volumes. Quebec’s businesses are crying out for help but François Legault only seems to be offering them a deaf ear.

François Legault is turning a blind eye to the reality on the ground. There are currently over 116,000 positions to be filled in Quebec. Businesses are obliged to reduce their opening hours or even close up shop completely. François Legault needs to listen to the economic sector when it says that reducing the immigration levels to 40,000 for 2019 would be a serious mistake.

–Monsef Derraji, MNA representing Nelligan and Liberal Critic for Immigration, SMEs and Innovation

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