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Press release
2 October 2019

Legault Wants Right Now to Come a Little Later

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It is ironic to hear François Legault ask for a 2nd mandate when throughout his entire campaign he promised to fix everything right away. Because he governs according to polls and lacks vision and plans, he is already asking Quebecers for a reprieve so that he can fulfill his promises.

In a recent interview, the Premier stated that he pitied the opposition parties who had to find a new issue to complain about each day. Over the past year his government provided the Official Opposition with ample fodder to exercise its role. The Liberal Team raised a number of inconsistencies and demanded answers for a number of files. At the top of the list was the universal 4-year-old kindergarten program that Mr. Legault is so desperately trying to implement. Like the Minister of Economy who says he can spend freely, the bill for 4-year-old kindergarten also seems to be unlimited.

When it comes to the implementation of the 3rd Link in Quebec, the Official Opposition is just trying to get a clear picture. For months, we have been asking to hear from the director of the project bureau so that he can offer taxpayers an accurate portrait of the project’s cost, route and timeline.

Thankfully, the Official Opposition is there to ask questions about the health care sector, as the government has made itself rather discreet, despite the issue being of the utmost concern for Quebecers. The more the Official Opposition asks question, the more we realize the magnitude of the improvisation demonstrated by Mr. Legault and his team. We witnessed it again recently with the overpayment to Hydro-Québec; the refunds promised by the CAQ have actually turned into significant rate hikes.

The Premier is spending taxpayers’ money to meet his own objectives rather than those of the population. Even now, the Premier is still not using the surplus at his disposal to improve services for Quebecers or to offer tax breaks. We will ensure that Quebecers’ money will be spent in their best interests.

—Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition