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Communiqué de presse
6 September 2022

Less red tape and less taxes for SMEs

Quebec’s businesses are in need of some breathing room. With a possible recession, the workforce shortage reaching an unprecedented level and inflation, our businesses are facing significant repercussions. In order to guarantee constant and long-term economic growth, we need to ensure that our businesses are competitive, especially the smaller ones.

Even today, we observe that our local businesses are still less efficient than companies elsewhere in the country. We need to assist them so that they can carry out their innovation projects and better support them so that our small businesses can grow.

Entrepreneurs need to focus on their companies’ growth, not on administrative red tape.

At the QLP, we want to reduce Quebec businesses’ tax and administrative burdens, especially among SMEs so that they can grow and reach their full potential. To do so, we propose to:

  • Expand the small business deduction so that very small businesses and individuals that are self-employed pay less tax;
  • Lower the business contribution rate for the Health Services Fund;
  • Promote regulatory relief by enshrining in legislation the requirement to maintain the 1:1 rule.

By advancing this proposal, the QLP is demonstrating its desire to generate prosperity for all Quebecers, and in particular small business owners.

The Quebec Liberal Party has always wanted to help businesses grow and innovate. Today, we want to provide our businesses with a bit of breathing room as they contend with the workforce shortage crisis and inflation. By lowing payroll taxes and making a clear commitment not to increase their administrative burden, we will stimulate economic growth and create wealth for all Quebecers.

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party