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Press release
8 May 2020

Let Us Pay Tribute to the Victims of COVID-19

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The Leader of the Official Opposition, Mr. Pierre Arcand, has suggested flying the Quebec flags at the National Assembly at half mast every Friday to pay tribute to the victims of Covid-19. The health crisis is one of the worst tragedies Quebec has ever experienced.

We have a duty to remember the victims, the vast majority of whom built Quebec, who found themselves defenseless in the face of this terrible virus. Many of them spent their last hours in very difficult living conditions.

Calling their memory to mind is the least we can do for them, Mr. Arcand stated. These people who have left us are more than just statistics announced on a daily basis to quantify deaths. They are human beings who lived lives and contributed to society; they were fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

As we come out of this crisis, we will also have a duty to remember those who fell as they battled the disease. The Leader of the Official Opposition suggested that an honorary plaque be dedicated to them and installed in front of the National Assembly. We must remember them.

Today, all Liberal MNAs will observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims at 8:30 pm. The elected officials will be making a symbolic gesture by lighting a candle in their windows and sharing a picture of it on social media. The entire population is invited to join in this tribute.

I offer my sincere condolences to all of the victims’ families. These are terribly sad moments that will forever mark our society. Quebec is currently waging the biggest battle in its history. A virus for which we do not have sufficient data is hitting Quebec, and the whole world, head on. Innocent people have lost their lives. We have a duty to honour their memories and to remember them.

–Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition.