Les militants libéraux choisiront un chef au printemps 2020
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Press release
5 May 2019

General Council in Drummondville: Liberal party members will select a Leader in the spring of 2020

Les militants libéraux choisiront un chef au printemps 2020

Drummondville, May 5, 2019. – The Quebec Liberal Party chose its General Council to unveil the rules for a leadership race that will come to a head in the spring of 2020.

The rules were established following consultation with members and various Liberal bodies.

Here is an outline of the rules that will govern this leadership race:

  • 4 debates will be held: 2 in the East and 2 in the West, one of which will be held in English;
  • The votes will be weighted by riding, to ensure regional representation;
  • Young people aged 25 and under will have particular prominence as, by virtue of our Constitution, they have 33% of the votes;
  • There will be two rounds of voting and votes can be cast via telephone or online. Members will rank candidates by order of preference;
  • The race will be no longer than 7 months. The starting date will be confirmed within the next few weeks;
  • The maximum allowable for campaign expenses is set at $500,000, excluding the deposit of      $60,000 submitted in support of a candidate’s nomination forms;
  • To support their nomination, candidates must collect the signatures of 750 members in good standing from at least 70 ridings and 12 regions. 250 of these signatures must come from people who became members in good standing after May 5, 2019;
  • The rules governing the leadership race are available on our website, under the section entitled important documents.

Record numbers gathered in Drummondville

Over 600 Liberal supporters from all of Quebec’s regions took part in the General Council that was held in Drummondville this weekend.

A few highlights from the Council:

  • The largest number of participants at a General Council since 2015;
  • 4 workshops with the following themes were held throughout the day on Saturday: Social Issues, A Greener, More Prosperous Quebec, The Electoral System and Dreaming Up the Quebec of Tomorrow;
  • Those who took part in the Dreaming Up the Quebec of Tomorrow workshop were able to use their digital devices to vote on characteristics from other countries that they would like to apply here in Quebec. They were also able to submit their own ideas for Quebec.

What an extraordinary weekend! The Quebec Liberal Party’s renewal is well underway. Supporters from all of Quebec’s regions sent a clear message that they are ready to build Quebec’s future. The QLP’s strength is bringing people together and this event once again proved that to be true. We are on the road to victory in 2022.

Pierre Arcand, Interim Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

Recall that the next national event will take place on August 10 and 11. Hundreds of young people from across Quebec will attend the Congrès-Jeunes to define political and strategic orientations for the Party’s Commission-Jeunesse.

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