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Press release
13 February 2020

Loan Made by Investissement Québec to Company Owned by CAQ’s Co-Founder : Fitzgibbon Needs to Hand Over Analyses

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Today, the Liberal Critic for Ethics, Ms. Christine St-Pierre, presented a motion at the National Assembly asking that the Minister of Economy deposit the analysis supporting Investissement Québec’s 5-million-dollar loan to Château Mont-Sainte-Anne. The motion was rejected by the CAQ government.

A number of questions need to be clarified in order to fully comprehend the analyses behind the decision made by Investissement Québec to provide Mr. Charles Sirois, one of the co-founders of the CAQ, with a loan.

The MNA representing l’Acadie condemns the Minister’s attitude- constantly refusing to show taxpayers the loan analysis documents in spite of the motion that she tabled.

For Ms. St-Pierre, the minister’s refusal to share the analysis requested in her motion is a testament to his lack of interest when it comes to issues of transparency and improving government practises.

It is astounding that the minister categorically refuses to table the documents stipulated in our motion. Our request was clear and simple, but the minister does not want to provide the analysis conducted by Investissement Québec and offer Quebecers an explanation as to why the government is lending money to a co-founder of the party currently in power. The motion asked for a single piece of information, but the minister preferred to decline.

–Ms. Christine St-Pierre, Liberal Critic for Ethics.