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Press release
6 May 2019

Marie-Ève Proulx Doesn’t Possess the Leadership Required to Defend our Regions

Today, the MNA representing Nelligan and Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation, Mr. Monsef Derraji, questioned the Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development, Ms. Marie-Ève Proulx, about the Coalition Avenir Quebec’s lack of leadership when it comes to regional economic vitality.

While François Legault promised to be the great defender of Quebec’s regions during the election campaign, it is clear that since his government’s election, nothing could be further from the truth. The regions are the CAQ government’s castaways and Marie-Eve Proulx, the Minister responsible for the file, has given up on them.

Whether it’s about access to health care services, education, innovation or assistance for regional businesses, the Minister has neither plan, nor vision. The MNA representing Nelligan received proof of that today.

Minister Marie-Eve Proulx doesn’t possess the necessary leadership to defend Quebec’s regions. She forges ahead without a plan or clear vision, in addition to offering preferential treatment to some regions at the detriment of others. Our regions need a strong minister to defend them. I wonder whether anyone sitting in Cabinet truly defends our precious regions’ interests.

Monsef Derraji, MNA representing Nelligan, Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation