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Press release
23 April 2019

Marie-Ève Proulx Has Changed Her Tune

Questioned about having cancelled a work meeting with the companies forming the regional innovation poles, the Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development, Ms. Marie-Eve Proulx, presented the MNA representing Nelligan, Mr. Monsef Derraji, with a new version of events during the study of budget credits.

After asserting that the event had been cancelled due to unjustifiable costs in the National Assembly’s Salon Bleu on February 5th, Minister Proulx informed the MNA for Nelligan that the event had been cancelled because “only 5 out of 18 innovation poles have signed an agreement at that time.”

Recall that the minister has been delaying the launch of over 27 regional projects since February 27th. Ms. Proulx clearly prefers tinkering with structures rather than launching innovation poles.

After having said loud and clear that the meeting for innovative businesses slated to be held in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts was cancelled due to major costs associated with holding the event, the Minister now offers a whole new story, claiming that cost was not a factor but rather that the event had to be cancelled due to a lack of signed agreements at the time. I ask the minister to provide us with the real reason she cancelled the meeting as well as the actual costs associated with this event, if any.

—Monsef Derraji, MNA representing Nelligan and Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation