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Press release
2 March 2020

Monsef Derraji Suggests More Flexibility to Help our Farmers and Entrepreneurs

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Monsef Derraji, the Liberal Critic for Immigration presented proposals to improve the immigration system as it faces the current reality of workforce shortages, in particular in Quebec’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Following numerous discussions with sector stakeholders, Mr. Derraji noted that the permanent and temporary immigration programs are no longer adapted to today’s reality. Repatriating management of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a solution that will significantly reduce wait times within the program which is currently managed jointly between the Quebec and the federal government. In the short term, it would reduce pressure on our agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

The MNA representing Nelligan suggests easing TFWP regulations as they pertain to primary agriculture, as well as the expansion of the work permit application. These proposals encourage greater openness for permits within a given region or activity sector rather than limiting them to a single employer as is currently the case.   

Additionally, the Government of Quebec must establish a program that is equivalent to the federal government’s Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program. Similarly, we must also require the federal government to increase from 10% to 20% the number of temporary workers permitted within companies in the manufacturing sector.

The lack of workers is currently hindering the development of companies in our agricultural and manufacturing sectors. On a daily basis I receive calls from entrepreneurs who have no idea how they can recruit workers. Quebec must do everything it can to mitigate the impacts of the workforce shortage and today’s proposals seek to do just that.

Monsef Derraji, MNA representing Nelligan and Official Opposition Critic for Immigration.