Nadine Girault suit les traces de son prédécesseur : méconnaissance et improvisation dans ses dossiers
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Press release
19 August 2020

Nadine Girault Follows in the Footsteps of Her Predecessor; Improvisation and a Lack of Knowledge in Her Files

Nadine Girault suit les traces de son prédécesseur : méconnaissance et improvisation dans ses dossiers

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During questions on expenditures and investments by the Ministry of Immigration as part of the study of budgetary appropriations, the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration, Nadine Girault, had great difficulty defending her ministry’s results and explaining her predecessor’s improvised decisions.

In light of Minister Girault’s incomplete answers, let’s recall that François Legault himself had promised that all the workers in CHSLDs could obtain a fast track to obtaining permanent residence. The reality is that the minister let these people down because that promise was broken. As for the Programme de l’Expérience Québécoise (PEQ), we found that there are more delays in processing applications despite having more officials to follow up on files. Finally, we learned that the Groupe d’Action Contre le Racisme (GACR) has not organized any consultations with various organizations.

During the study of budget appropriations Minister Nadine Girault showed us the extent to which she does not master her files. Immigrants and asylum seekers need to be reassured and believe that that their messages will be taken to the National Assembly, since that is not currently the case.

–Mr. Gaétan Barrette, MNA representing La Pinière and Official Opposition Critic for Immigration

I am very concerned about François Legault’s government’s current inaction on the racism file. The Minister of Immigration, who is also the co-chair of the Action Group Against Racism (GACR), is unable to comment on issues that are extremely important, especially in this current context. I wonder who is really working on this file and where the leadership has gone?

–Ms. Jennifer Maccarone, MNA representing Westmount-Saint-Louis and Official Opposition Critic for Diversity and Inclusion