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Press release
9 May 2019

Nathalie Roy Didn’t Meet the Historic 1% of Investments in Culture

Questioned about the expenses and investments in her ministry during the study of budget credits, the Minister of Culture, Communications and Minister responsible for the French Language, Nathalie Roy, manipulated the numbers from her ministry’s credits to make it seem as though she had fulfilled her commitment to maintaining the historic 1% investment in culture.

The Ministry’s budget represents more than 1% of the government’s total investments for the first time in 10 years, thanks to a budget surplus.

In spite of the budget flexibility generated by the Liberal government, Minister Roy has not managed to maintain Culture’s importance within the government’s expenses this year! Rather than cooking the books to fulfill her policy commitments, the Minister should have stood up to her colleague in Finance and defended the cultural sector.

—Isabelle Melançon, the MNA representing Verdun and Official Opposition Critic for Culture and Communications

Netflix File

It is more important than ever for platforms like Netflix to value Quebec content. However, the Minister of Culture and Communications did not submit a brief in within the Federal government’s revision of the Canadian radio broadcast and telecommunications act. It was the perfect opportunity for Minister Roy to demonstrate the importance of Quebec’s cultural interests to Ottawa.